Food supply chains: impact of concentration, unfair trade practices, regulations and changing consumer preferences

Principal Investigator: prof. Ing. Ján POKRIVČÁK, M.S., Ph.D.
Project Number:GA19-18080S
Grant awarded by:GA ČR


The project will analyze food supply chains in Europe with special focus on a) functioning of food supply chains, b) unfair trade practices in food supply chains, c) impact of policies and regulations on food supply chains, and d) impact of the changing environment on supply chains. We will use a plethora of methodological approaches to deal with complex issues affecting development of supply chains in Europe. Propensity score matching and generalized propensity score matching will be used to assess the impact of support of producers’ organization and other policies on performance of firms. Time-series econometrics will be used to evaluate the functioning of supply chains in transmitting price signals vertically from farmers to consumers and vice versa and horizontally from world to local markets while econometric analysis of survey data will be undertaken to study unfair trade practices within supply chains. Demand for healthy food will be analyzed and quantified with the use of micro data. These methods will be supplemented with a series of case studies.