The Faculty of Economics


  doc. Ing. Michaela KRECHOVSKÁ, Ph.D. Tel: +420377633001
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs:
  Ing. Jan TLUČHOŘ, Ph.D.
Vice Dean for Internationalization and External Relations:
  RNDr. Jiří PREIS, Ph.D.
Vice Dean for Strategy and Development:
  prof. Ing. Emil VACÍK, Ph.D.
  Ing. Kateřina MIČUDOVÁ, Ph.D.


Administrative Assistant:
  Ing. Barbara TROJANOWSKÁ Tel: +420377633001


Department of Economics and Quantitative Methods
Department of Geography
Department of Marketing, Trade and Services
Department of Business Administration and Management
Department of Finance and Accounting


Centre for International Activities
Centre for Regional Development Research
Centre for Longlife Education
Centre of Project Activities

Mission statement of the Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics is part of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. It is located in two cities - in Pilsen (Pilsen Region) and in Cheb (Region of Karlovy Vary).
  • offers university education in the field of economics
  • prepares young people for their career and focuses on their positive attitude towards the labour market and life in society
  • deepens collaboration with the work environment and with graduates of the Faculty
  • supports research activities focused on the regional issues
  • focuses attention of students and lecturers on international cooperation, especially within the EU
  • develops long-life education, in cooperation with other subjects
  • realizes educational, scientific and other types of cooperation within the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen as well as with other subjects in the Czech Republic and abroad

Faculty structure


  • Head of the Faculty
  • with the approval of the Academic Senate, appoints three vice-deans :
    • Vice-dean for study and pedagogical activities
    • Vice-dean for research and development
    • Vice-dean for external relations
    • Vice-dean for project activities

Deputy/Academic Secretary

  • is the leader of the Dean´s executive office
  • the main tasks of the Office are:
    • managing the agenda of the Dean, Vice-deans, Deputy and the Senate
    • study, pedagogical and research administration of the Faculty
    • representing the Dean in economic and administrative matters

The Academic Senate
- consists of two chambers – Staff Chamber and Students´ Chamber. It has maximum 18 members, a third of whom are students. The Senate elects the Dean, discusses and approves the status of the faculty, study programmes, budget and other important matters.

The Scientific Council of the Faculty
- the members are recruited from the professors, famous researchers and important specialists. They are appointed by the Dean and approved by the Senate. They discuss the issues of educational and research matters, appoint professors etc.

Department or Centre
- are the basic units of pedagogical work and research.

Information about the Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics was founded in 1990 and in 1991 it became one of the founding faculties of the newly established University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. Over the years, it has gained a position of a representative university institution, which can boast of its own well qualified staff and external lecturers and of good material back-up for teaching and researching activities. Within the study activities, the Faculty now offers more economics programmes leading to both Bachelor and Master degrees and therefore more specialized fields of study. It uses both locations in Cheb and in Pilsen to collaborate with the regions in specializations and cross-bordering and international cooperation. The focus on the issues of the European Union is an important innovation factor, together with the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). The Faculty has all necessary facilities for lectures as well as for self-study.

The Centre for Longlife Education offers a part-time form of study (for the employed students) in both locations. This Centre also organizes specialist courses and a special form of the Open University in Cheb.

Research activities are guaranteed by the specialist departments. These participate in projects of different agencies, such as Grant Agency of the Czech Republic or projects of the European Union. The Faculty takes part in a whole range of research projects and studies at the regional level for companies and for public administration institutions, development agencies and other subjects.

Attention is also paid to EU accession and preparation of graduates for business activities in the environment of the EU market. The students can take advantage of studying abroad within international programmes (Erasmus, Leonardo etc.) and other projects in the EU countries. The Faculty attempts to offer international experience when preparing its graduates for their career.

The Faculty is interested in developing relationships with other universities, and even more with companies and instutions in the regions. The importance of practical experience is stressed during seminars, especially when preparing students for Bachelor or Master Works.

The Faculty has created good conditions for its continuous development, necessary innovations and fulfillment of its specific role in the regions of Pilsen and Karlovy Vary when participating in the EU activities.


  • Phone: +420377633001

  • Univerzitní 22, 30614 Plzeň
  • Hradební 22, 35011 Cheb