Centre for International Activities

  RNDr. Jiří PREIS, Ph.D.
jpreis@kge.zcu.cz http://www.fek.zcu.cz/sma


The centre administers programmes of students´ and teachers´ international mobilities such as ERASMUS, free movers and others. It organizes courses taught in English for incoming students, selection procedures for outgoing students and teachers, administers bilateral agreements and through coordinators of these agreements provides consultancy to those interested in study or practice abroad. It also assists incoming students in resolving their daily problems.

The centre closely cooperates with the UWB International Department and with students´organizations such as ESN, AIESEC and other interested parties. Relevant documents both for incoming and outgoing students and teachers are regularly posted on the faculty website in the External Relations centre under the ERASMUS and INTER-14 (free movers) headings.

Every year the centre organizes several workshops for potential applicants, prepares and evaluates the questionnaires for incoming students that help in increasing quality of courses and services.


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Mgr. Ivana KUTÁČOVÁ ikutacov@fek.zcu.cz 3409
RNDr. Jiří PREIS, Ph.D. jpreis@kge.zcu.cz 3067

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