Innovation of FEK seminars for bachelor’s and master’s theses

Principal Investigator: Ing. Hana KUNEŠOVÁ, Ph.D.
Project Number:VS-19-028
Grant awarded by:MŠMT


The project is aimed at creating an e-learning course in LMS Moodle with the working title “Final Thesis Seminar”, which will include materials for various phases of preparation of bachelor’s and master’s theses, primarily methodological and information materials including video recordings, templates for writing theses, and chapters aimed at deepening skills in using Word and Excel programs for processing and formatting bachelor’s and master’s theses. The e-learning course will be available to all FEK students. Individual chapters on selecting the topic of one’s final thesis and using selected Word and Excel programs in the preparation of an academic (e.g. seminar) paper are designated for students of lower academic years. For students of higher years, the course will provide complex methodological and information support in processing a final thesis and the preparation for its defence. Expected benefits of the project: The creation of materials and their integration into one e-learning course available to all students of FEK (and synergistically to their teachers) will distinctly improve students’ knowledge of the issue of final theses and their competencies in the process of preparing and defending theses. This will ultimately lead to further improvement of the quality of final theses.