Position of companies in the global production network and its impact on regional development and political attitudes of voters

Principal Investigator: Mgr. Martin LEPIČ
Project Number:SGS-2019-007
Grant awarded by:ZČU


The goal of the project is to explore the impact of the economic position of companies in the region on regional development and finally on the political attitudes of potential voters via the joint effect of these two indicators. The economic position is conceptualized through the position of companies in the hierarchy of the global production network into which the company has been integrated. Although this concept has enjoyed significant attention in global economic geography, these possible impacts have been until now been ignored in research linking economic and political-geographic themes, i.e. research investigating the political consequences of the economic state of regions. The project focuses on researching these relationships via field research in three typologically different regions of the Czech-Bavarian border region – (1) the rural region with disrupted settlement structure, (2) the rural region with continuity of settlement structure and (3) the urbanized region. Three doctoral and three master’s study students whose final theses are linked to the aspects of this project’s topic will participate in the project.