Departments and other institutes


Department of Economics and Quantitative Methods (KEM)

  • provides courses such as Statistics I and II, Basis of Economic Statistics, Financial and Insurance Calculation, Operational Research, Probability Models, Statistic Data Analysis, Econometrics. A specific field of study Economic and Statistic Analysis offers subjects of Statistic Data Analysis II, Database Systems II, Prognostics in Economics, Prognostics in Management and Quantitative Methods.

Department of Geography (KGE)

The Department of Geography has been a part of the Faculty of Education of the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň since it was founded. Since 1st September 2012 it was transferred under the umbrella of the Faculty of Economics, where it continues to be focused on various geographical and regional-economic topics. It is possible to study a bachelor field of "Economic and Regional Geography". Additionally, the Department provides teaching of various subjects in the programme Sciences, bachelor degree field of "Educational Geography" and in the master field "Teaching of Geography" for elementary and secondary schools, that are under the umbrella of the Faculty of Education.

Department of Marketing, Trade and Services (KMO)

  • Provides education and activities focused on the field of marketing, trade and tourism services, i.e. courses of Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing, Management of Companies and Tourism Destinations, Marketing of Travelling and Tourism Services, Management of Spa and Hotel Industry, World Economy and International Trade, Retail Management, Customer Relationship Management, Internet Marketing, Business Negotiation, Regional Economy and Development, The courses reflect the development of world economy and trade, trade chains and the position of small and middle-sized businesses, also the need of development of tourism in the region.
  • the department also provides physical education and sport leisure activities in Cheb.

Centre for International Activities (CIA)

The Center has two sections:
  • International mobilities
  • Specialist Languages

International Mobilities Section

The section administers programmes of students´ and teachers´ international mobilities such as ERASMUS, free movers and others. It organizes courses taught in English for incoming students, selection procedures for outgoing students and teachers, administers bilateral agreements and through coordinators of these agreements provides consultancy to those interested in study or practice abroad. It also assists incoming students in resolving their daily problems.

The section closely cooperates with the UWB International Department and with students´organizations such as ESN, AIESEC and other interested parties. Relevant documents both for incoming and outgoing students and teachers are regularly posted on the faculty website in the External Relations section under the ERASMUS and INTER-14 (free movers) headings.

Every year the section organizes several workshops for potential applicants, prepares and evaluates the questionnaires for incoming students that help in increasing quality of courses and services.

Specialist Languages Section

The section ensures specialist language courses in English and German for the faculty students at both bachelor and master´s levels. In these lessons groups are often formed by Czech and international students. This gives them the opportunity not only to develop their language and communication skills but also understand cross-cultural issues.

This section also organizes courses for the first year students to provide them with extra language practice.

In addition, it offers supplementary language services such as translations and proofreading for the other faculty departments and centres.

Department of Business Administration and Management (KPM)

  • consists of the Department of Management, Innovations and Projects and the Department of Psychology
  • ensures subjects integrating special knowledge of strategic management which can be used in both business and non-profitable organizations. These basic subjects are, for instance, Strategic Management, Project Management, Management of Business Projects and Integrated Management of Innovations. The Department of Psychology provides students with skills and knowledge of psychology, personnel management, team building, innovation management and implementation of management methods with the use of IT.
  • is a guarantee of two certified programmes: "Projects-Innovations- Strategy-Management" and "Psychology in Management of a Business".

Department of Finance and Accounting (KFU)

Department of Finance and Accounting is specialized in teaching of wide range of subjects from areas of finance and accounting in both types of study programmes, bachelor´s degree studies and Master degree studies. Bachelor´s degree studies offer subjects like accounting 1., accounting 2., PC accounting, managerial accounting, business finances, public finances and many other subjects aimed at needs of the practice. Master degree studies offer subjects like financial management, financial audit, controlling, international accounting in accordance with IAS/IFRS and others. Facultative subjects comprise for example: basic accounting, evaluation of the enterprise, taxes, bank products and many others. Methodology of education is based on recent approaches and our graduates become professionals in business finance or public finance sector.

Members of the department ensure also specialist trainings for students and diploma (bachelor) thesis seminars. The department also provides further type of education, Ph.D. studies of Economy and management. DFA (KFU) participates in programme of lifetime education and offers two subjects for students of the University of lifetime education. Publication and research activities of members of DFA (KFU) are aimed at public finance matters, business finance matters, taxes, accounting of SME´s and medium sized enterprises, harmonization of international accounting and other matters connected with global economy. Research activities opened the ways to cooperation of DFA (KFU) with similar departments of other domestic and foreign faculties and also with many professionals from areas of finance and accounting.

Other institutes

Centre for Regional Development Research (SVRR)

Centre of Longlife Education (CECEV)

  • was established in 1995 in order to organise study programmes of further education,
  • provides the opportunity to study the fields and subjects being taught at the faculty in form of further education (the study programmes are organized into the blocks of courses in order to help students studying part-time because of their work duties),
  • organises course of further education for public,
  • organises the University of Third Age in Cheb and in Aš,
  • co-operates in several projects,
  • offers courses for companies in the fields - economy, marketing, management, financial management, bookkeeping etc. made-to-measure for the customer,
  • co-operates with partner in the region, e.g. City of Cheb, City of Aš, Regional Chamber of Commerce Cheb and also abroad,
  • is open to develop activities within long life education with any kind of partners.

Further activities of CAC (SAC): Realization of staff trainings for external applicants:

  • Basic accounting,
  • Accounting for entrepreneurs I.,
  • PC accounting for entrepreneurs (software products),
  • Accounting for entrepreneurs - advanced course,
  • Accounting principles in accordance with IAS/IFRS,
  • Controlling in business management,
  • Basic business,
  • Establishment and running of the enterprise,
  • Business finance,
  • Tax systems,
  • Audit process and auditor´s profession,
  • Entrepreneurial subjects evaluation problems,
  • Financial analysis and financial management,
  • Information systems audit,
  • EU projects effectiveness - feasibility study.

Centre of Project Activities (SPA)


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  • Fax: 377633002

  • Husova 11, 30614 Plzeň
  • Hradební 22, 35011 Cheb